Author Topic: Need power steering flush!! OUTRAGEOUS PRICE AT VALVOLINE!!  (Read 4665 times)

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I recently went to Valvoline and they tried to charge me $75 for a synthetic oil change, $25 for air filter.. then recommended a power steering flush for $89 !!! I went with a conventional oil change (short on cash at that time) when i should have went and bought synthetic oil myself at autozone for $30 and done it myself.. I ended up paying $35 for a conventional oil change I also was running short on time. I was wondering If the power steering needs changed at only 41,000 miles ? It is a bit whiney/noisey but there's plenty of fluid... If need be where is the Best/Cheapest place to go to!? HELP!!!

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Re: Need power steering flush!! OUTRAGEOUS PRICE AT VALVOLINE!!
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If there is plenty of fluid and with only 41k on the clock and it is making noise the fluid is not the problem.  How noisy is a bit?  Might just be normal and they are trying to take advantage of you which those places do all so well.  I just changed my PS fluid out in the Vette and went with Amsoil.  I just sucked the reservoir dry with a turkey baster and refilled it with new fluid.  Did that 3 times over a month.  It was easier than disconnecting one of the lines and figuring out how to bleed the system. 

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Re: Need power steering flush!! OUTRAGEOUS PRICE AT VALVOLINE!!
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those are average service prices and idealy you would change most fluids at 30k miles. so don't think they were trying to rip you off or something. how is your brake fluid looking? yellow with green stuff floating in it. how about diff fluids. a little steel glitter on the dip stick. if the car is 05 or older you should think about a coolant flush as well. or you will have problems there eventually. preventitive maintenance. there is a purpose for it after all. fixing things that get ruined because you didn't change your fluids is more expensive than just changing your fluids.
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Re: Need power steering flush!! OUTRAGEOUS PRICE AT VALVOLINE!!
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Chris' idea is the best. Just suck out old fluid and put it new. Drive it around and do some turn to lock turns and circle the fluid. Repeat until fluid is clear. It should take you around 30 min.

As far as any other service you should check the owners manual.
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