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RG saved my ###
« on: July 23, 2013, 06:29:53 PM »
I recently installed a new turbo and injectors and my car was giving my etuner (Stephen from IA Performance) fits.  I had to do a boost leak test and a leak down test fast as I had a road trip in afew days and needed my car sorted quick.
EmJay and Russ took the time to help me out and check everything thoroughly while teaching me a ton of stuff.  When we went to pressure test my new GrimmSpeed TMIC, Russ noticed I had busted an insert for the BPV.  He retapped both holes and installed studs so the inserts would no longer be an issue.
By eliminating leaks, I was able to eventually track down the issue (with a lot of advice from JAZ and others).  Once the mechanical issues were solved, Stephen was able to dial in my car.

I am a big fan of RG, Russ, and EmJay!  I will be up there when I run into anything that is over my head.


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