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How is everyone doing! My car has been CEL free for a while now, running great with great bost and then bam, around 2 weeks ago the CEL popped up, I was going to work so i just unplugged the battery and put it back on once i was off and it was fine until the next day. Start up was fine next morning, but after it warmed up and i was at the red light it came back on along with a very weird bouncing idle. My normal warm idle shows 500 on the dot but now is bouncing from 400-500 every second or so which is very noticable with the exhaust, almost like it wants to die but wont. I plugged learning view in and figured it to be SYSTEM TOO LEAN, i treid looking online on what could possibly be happening and there are so many things to do, I deep cleaned the MAF and cleaned and tightened my CAI, reset the ECU and that kept it off for almost te whole day, until i sit it to idle, I've noticed a stronger exhuast odor coming from either the vents or floor board but cant locate a leak yet. Has anyone had a problem similar to this or know someone who has cleared this CEL, It is starting to affect the driving now, just seems like it doesn't have as much power. Thank you all for any help!