Author Topic: Tired of scooping snow?  (Read 803 times)

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Tired of scooping snow?
« on: December 11, 2013, 09:37:44 AM »
302 V8 Powered Snow Blower:

This is an 8' Snowblower converted from a 3pt tractor PTO to a self contained 302, V8 Driven Blower.

The 302 is a 1995 Carbureted Roller Motor, with a governor to maintain the RPM you set.

The Blower Motor has its' own tach, oil and temp gage mounted on the back of the engine, in plain sight thru windshield.

The Blower Motor is controlled completely from the cab of the truck (Start/Stop/RPM)

The Blower Motor shares the truck battery however the fuel supply and cooling systems are independent.

The Hydraulics are 12V self contained pump/motor (under hood of truck) with Quick Disconnects to the (2) Cylinders.

The Blower is mounted to a '77 F-350 4x4, the truck is not for sale.

The brains/controls for the blower are hooked up with a 4-flat trailer hitch plug.

I built the complete blower a little conservatively with the small block 302, I must say even at 1800rpm (engine speed) this blower absolutely launches snow, even better than anticipated.

I don't think the application would be ideal in a city setting with houses and windows close by, however for the hunting land, when you are out of room to push snow with the plow, it's the ticket.

There's a lot of the logistics that could certainly be done differently to suit your needs including 12V power, fuel or hydraulics. The blower could probably be lifted with a regular plow pump as it only needs about 400psi to lift.

I would potentially include the Blower and Truck Side Wiring Harnesses (and solenoid), Control Panel (on counsel in my truck) the 12V Hydraulic Pump, Reservoir, the cylinders and sq tube with the UHMW poly slides. I plan to keep the Truck and the Bumper.

I'm asking $4900 for the package but I'm willing to work with you if you don't need everything.

Please put some thought into this before calling as this is a Serious Blower.
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Re: Tired of scooping snow?
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2013, 07:33:59 AM »
Mother of God! The last line is the best. "Please put some thought into this before calling as this is a Serious Blower." That could work for a few different kinds of craigslist ads.
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