Author Topic: Thanks again RG!!! Subaru Love!  (Read 1264 times)

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Thanks again RG!!! Subaru Love!
« on: January 25, 2014, 12:41:06 PM »
Well, its no secret that I recommend the work at the RG.  It is no secret that I have become friends with Russ and Emjay after the years of Russ working on my cars and knowing them.  My recommendation of their work has nothing to do with friendship, it has to do with the quality of work that they have performed, the dedication to my vehicles, and to their customers.  This began far before we became friends and I have personally witnessed them giving the same type of treatment to customers that are new to RG.  I have lots of friends that have all types of businesses, however I do not recommend them all to others.
I have also had plenty of work done on my Subaru's, and other cars, from multiple shops (as well as dealerships) over the years.  My preference is to take my car to RG and it will always be so. 

Now that we can move past that, my current review is for fixing the cabin fuel smell in my 03 Forester X.  Not to be redundant in two postings, you can read about the job here:,17166.0.html

In short, I have a new baby coming in the next couple weeks.  My Fozz has had the common fuel smell issue since I bought it.  Last winter we tightened the fuel hoses and it helped.  This year it came back and tightening didn't help.  Well, the fantastic crew at RG fixed ole Hank up.  He is now rid of his gas fumes along with a tune up!!!  Huge thanks to the RG family for getting my Fozz straight before the new addition gets here.  Now my kids breathing will be gas free!!!  Yay!!!

For those that are interested in the types of jobs that have been performed by RG for me it includes: engine replacement, head rebuilding, steering rack upgrades, sway bars, springs, lift kit, turbo (both installing turbos along with port/coatings), injectors, exhaust upgrades (UP/DP/Manifold/Turboback/custom pipe for my OBS), radiators, axles, timing, and maintenance.  Among others that I cannot think of :).  Now the list is long, but it covers years of service and 5 Subaru's owned :).  Thanks


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Re: Thanks again RG!!! Subaru Love!
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2014, 04:41:58 PM »
RG (along with MT Heads) is building my motor right now and that is one of the many things (fuel smell) they are going to fix while motor is out.  Also doing TGV deletes and Rus porting my turbo.  I haven't known Rus and EmJay very long but they treat you like family.

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