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Iowaska Cruise #2
« on: February 17, 2014, 10:50:49 PM »
Iowaska Cruise #2
Sunday, March 2nd @ 2:00pm

In October of 2012, I combined two of my favorite asphalt-only routes on either side of the Missouri River into one gigantic route. It took almost two hours from start to finish, but it was nice to just hit the road and enjoy the company of fellow Subarus along some awesome twists and turns. Well, we're doing that route again... covering ground in both Iowa and Nebraska to make the "Iowaska Cruise".

Other Subaru groups in the area are also joining us.  Folks from the Iowa Subaru Club and Siouxland Subaru Club will be driving alongside the rest of the NSOC.  We're expecting great turnout for this event (already over 25 folks signed up right now), so post if you're coming!

There's also a Facebook Event you can sign up for if you'd like to let folks know you're coming.  Iowaska Cruise on Facebook

We meet at 2pm at the Old Florence Mill (Nebraska Side of I-680) and then disembark along the route through Ft. Calhoun and up into Blair. Then we'll take the highway over into Missouri Valley, IA. The route will weave through the Loess Hills and land us in Crescent, IA. We'll probably stop once or twice along the route for some pictures.

Map link is below!
Iowaska Cruise Route (Google)
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