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« on: March 14, 2014, 05:16:06 PM »
04 wrx.  can not get parking lights/tails/dash lights to turn off .  and it's not the parking switch.  only way i was able to not juice battery is to pull the clock/room fuse in the engine bay?  which would be fine but now my stereo won't hold settings and keyfob won't work.  scenarios ive tried
1.  fuse in, lights stay on, everything works.
2. fuse out, lights off and dome/stereo/sidemarkers/tails only come on when stalk switched on. 
3.  not sure what i did, but pulled fuse and started car, switched stalk on/off multiple times, replaced fuse.  lights stay off temporarily.  then come on at random and stay on.  sounds like a relay to me but i have no idea where to look?  engine bay fuses all good, dash fuses good, pulled relays in dash independently and none turned lights off.... this happened out of the blue.  no idea

the dash and glovebox lights are also still on.  anyone have a pic of the tail/illum relay so i can check that?
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