Author Topic: Used Colt AR-15 Gov't carbine with adjustable stock and EO-tech sight system  (Read 780 times)

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This is a patrol rifle that I bought from work. It was sold off to make room for new sig AR's. Every thing works fine and I fired 100 rounds through it last week. The rifle does have one cosmetic repair done to it to fix mounting holes for a block that was used in the mag well to prevent live ammo, as it was also used as a miles simulation weapon. Normal wear and scratches are evident but is a solid working fire arm.
EO-tech works fine and has the NV button option for use with night vision. Rifle also comes with a collapsible stock and one 30 round magazine.
Buyer must present drivers license and a permit to purchase or carry. I will be taking copies of both.
Rifle is chambered in 5.56/.223 nato.
Rifle SN# is below 8000
The price of the whole thing is $800.00 firm Used EO-techs go for I don't think asking 800 for the whole thing is too much.

picture of repair

More pictures available of disassembly upon request.
PM me with email address.
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willing to part the EOTech?