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Had a bnib exedy stage 1 organic clutch and lwfw/bearing installed about 2 mo ago in my 04 wrx.  Was driving perfectly till a few days ago when I started getting a loud grinding sound on decel (engine brake).  Shifts very smoothly, noise stops with clutch pushed in and /or tapping gas pedal.  Seems to happen in gears 2-4 above 3k.  Is this just the normal lwfw chatter?  Or bad bearing? Sounds horrible

Do the 04 WRX have the same issue with the trans snout as the 05-09 5spd Legacy GTs? If so, did you have get the TSK3 snout kit installed? If not, the throw out bearing could be jacking up the trans snout.

im honestly not sure.  wouldn't a bad TOB grind when pushing the clutch in?  this is only when letting out.  car drives and shifts smoothly.  just have the grinding noise when engine breaking.


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