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TiC Clunk Killer and subframe lock bolts short review



TiC Clunk Killer (rear diff bushing set) and subframe lock bolts

Just did this to my 2006, except i went with the comfort instead of race version.

It feels fantastic. Definitely night and day difference. Power on after shifting feels more precise and it killed a lot of the oingy boingy. Rear end feels more planted and overall just more solid - especially on the bad roads around town. My STI already had transmission bushings, holy shift kit, kartboy shifter, and RCE Black springs on it. These are just as noticable as the combination of those parts combined.

If anyone with a GD is looking for a cheap and effective mod that really makes a difference seriously consider this set up.

I had Russ' Garage do the install along with a grimmspeed uppipe and would also recommend the shop as well, extremely knowledgeable, fair, and honest.

Next up a pitch mount, rear X brace, and some group N mounts!

Unabomber's Sexy Rear End. LOL!

Except for that Unabomber is a complete buffoon...

i don't know who unabomber is, but even my girlfriend can tell the difference in the passenger seat



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