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Backroads Playtime
« on: September 24, 2015, 02:30:32 PM »
It's been raining almost non-stop these last two days.  Normally, I'd take my rallycross car out to go play in the mud but this time I felt like putting my Rallyarmor to work on my Hatchback.

IMG_8912 by 86Reverend, on Flickr
IMG_8907 by 86Reverend, on Flickr
IMG_8906 by 86Reverend, on Flickr

I would've gone after some muddier roads, but my all-seasons are on their last season.  It was fun hitting the road with my first Subie, as it pretty much gets used for daily commuting while the RS hogs all the hoonigan shenanigans.  Anyone else enjoy the not-so-garage-queen conditions recently?

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Re: Backroads Playtime
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