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Science proves that turbo blankets are a good thing

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Blankets keep heat in the turbine. More heat equals more power!

Hah!  Was just shopping around for a blanket. 

There's not much to screw up but I imagine different materials could make a difference... As such, anyone have a preferred or recommended brand? 

PTP was the one that I ran across right away as having stock Subaru fitment (this will be going on a VF24):

I've been running a PTP for 5 years without issue. Their lava rock one looks great. I say if MotoIQ likes them (, you can't go wrong. I love MotoIQ. I still miss Sport Compact Car.

Good enough for me by far! 

And yeah, was excited to see that familiar font and page formatting before recognizing the name.  :)

And now that I look closer at performance and temp numbers, Lava it is!


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