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Science proves that turbo blankets are a good thing

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I had just heard about this earlier this week and have been contemplating getting one for the WRX STI.  Even on a stock engine, wouldn't a heat shield be helpful?

Yep, the more you can do to manage heat in the engine bay, they better the overall performance of charge cooling (moreover with TMIC setups) and less heat related wear and tear on other components. 

The more heat you keep in the hot side of the turbo system from the headers to the turbine, the more turbo and therefore overall performance gains you see.

Short answer: both good but the most benefits are gained from using both a blanket and heat shield(s) in concert.

Even on a stock tune?

I'm not sure the tune would enter in to it, actually.

The changes that you make with heat management and wrapping/blankets are grounded in physics.  The faster and hotter the exhaust gasses, the quicker and faster the physical turbine wheel moves when pushed by those gasses.

Better said, the ECU should be able to correct for gains made by the heat management, though those gains may never require more fueling/timing/etc. changes... things that are already happening are just happening quicker?  Someone more versed in engine mapping can add to that.

I had one on Dusty and loved it!


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