Author Topic: VF39 -- pnp'ed, thermal coated, rebuilt, practically a new turbo.  (Read 639 times)

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VF39 -- pnp'ed, thermal coated, rebuilt, practically a new turbo.
« on: September 12, 2016, 06:19:49 PM »
Price is $750 + shipping (or pickup in Omaha, NE)

Note from creator, Busted Finger Motorsports:

This is a Subaru VF39 Turbocharger PN# 14411AA572, this is used parts with a new VSR balanced CHRA center section installed with a 1 year warranty through Busted Finger Motorsports. This unit has had the turbine & compressor housing's Ported & Polished for a performance increase

Both housings have also been coated with a high temp Ceramic Cerakote, this is a thermal barrier coating that is good to 2,000 degrees.

The wastegate area is crack free as well. This unit has a brand new turbine housing so it is crack free, as well as a new wastegate unit.

This turbo will bolt on 2002-2005 Subaru WRX 2.0's and 2004-2010 STI 2.5's.

Additional note by seller, faceplate:

This item was purchased by me, the seller, from Busted Finger Motorsports this last July. Busted Finger Motorsports has an impeccable record on ebay and online. See his ebay store and facebook page for proof. He does really great work, and this turbo is the one you want if you are looking for a VF39. This above description and pictures were written by Busted Finger Motorsports, so I give credit to him. The warranty mentioned above will be slightly less than a year because of my purchase date of July. The turbo has simply been in my house un-used. My plans for my car have changed, and now I need to sell this beautiful turbo.

Shipping will be about $20-$30.

Here are the specs of the package if you want to check rates for yourself.

12 in, 12 in, 8 in
14 lbs

Thanks for looking.

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More pictures:
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