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I picked up a 2015 WRX Limited with 32k mi from Woodhouse Hyundai a couple of days ago.  I have a 2009 Mazdaspeed 3 that is getting long in the tooth (162k mi) and wanted something that burns a lot less oil than that is right now.  I was at Menards this afternoon and another recent vintage WRX had parked next to me and stuck a card for the website on my window.

So far I'm really enjoying the WRX.  It's a bit more refined than the MS3, not quite as busy or noisy on rough pavement.  The MS3 transmits every last crack and tar strip to the driver, and the drone at certain rev ranges get old.  I will say the turbo in the MS3 is a little "snappier" with its acceleration.

I believe the WRX is bone stock.  I may upgrade it shortly with LED lights all around and I think the radio will get swapped out later this year too.

Congrats and welcome!  Glad somebody found ya!

That's my favorite bodystyle on the MS3, too.  Congrats on the WRX!  Though the forum may not reflect it, this group is very active on Facebook and we hold a lot of events.  There are weekly meets on Wednesdays and cruises and other events on the weekends.  Hope to see you out at a meet soon!

Thanks - I'm not on Facebook as that tends to cause unemployment.   ^_^

Hope to drop by one of the meets in the near future.




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