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TW: 2002 WRX $7500
« on: March 17, 2018, 12:34:01 PM »
I'm thinking about selling my WRX as I feel it's time to move on a bit. It's been a great car and have loved having it. I have owned the car since late 2011 with 83k miles and have kept decent records (and receipts) for it. I went stage 2 in April 2012 (92k miles), did a timing kit in September 2012, and with several thing between, switched to E85 with supporting mods and other goodies. Itís a 16 year old car so its definitely seen better days. Some paint was already fading and clear coat stripping away when I bought it and has only gotten worse. There's some rust near the passenger side rear wheel well along with a little in the front passenger door jamb and inside gas door. I had an unfortunate set of events happen, one being that shortly after buying the car, a deer and my driver's side headlight had a disagreement and the deer won. It was all repaired by a body shop but that is why that light looks new compared to the passenger side. About a month later, she was caught outside in a hailstorm and after that I pretty much said screw it, it's not meant to be a show car anyway. I'll gladly show all records/receipts I have as I'm not trying to pull a fast one on anyone.

2002 Subaru WRX in Platinum Silver Metallic with 150k   

Mod List
Stock 2.0 block
VF39 (with 68k on it, installed at 141k)
ID1000 injectors
STi catless up pipe (heat shield taken off and wrapped)
CNT downpipe
3" catback donít know brand (functional but definitely not pretty)
Perrin turbo inlet
KSTech megamaf 73mm cold air intake
Turbosmart IWG with 12psi spring combo
Walbro 255 fuel pump
Grimmspeed EBCS and MBC for a hybrid control setup
Gimmick turbo blanket
Grimmspeed intercooler y-pipe kit
Torque Solutions pitch stop mount
Mishimoto radiator
110Amp alternator
Red Top Optima Battery
2004 STi 6 Speed transmission (with 77k on it, installed at 141k)
Cobb Short shifter
R160 with 3.90 gears
2007 Impreza auto driveshaft
STi Flywheel
Competition Clutch Segmented Ceramic Clutch
Prosport Boost gauge
Innovate LC-1 Wideband with AFR guage
Dual 52mm A-pillar gauge pod
Cobb V3 Accessport (Jaz Tuned)
Pioneer Double Din Touch screen with iPod hookup and bluetooth
Wired for subs, not currently installed but could possibly go with car
*Other Stuff*
K-Sport fully adjustable coilovers
Rear camber bolts
Wheels (unknown brand) are 17X7.5 wrapped in Firestone Firehawk Wide Oval Indy 500 summer tires
Changed the dash and HVAC to blue
smoked side marker lights
Blueish LED parking lights

Along with what was listed above, the A/C works when charged but needs a new condenser. The interior is fairly nice with normal wear and a little more wear on driver's seat. The gauge pillar is warped from weather, some paint on the bumper is flaking off and I think the syncros are beginning to give a little. Only reason I say that is because everything works great until driven for a little bit, then she'll give a little growl going into 5th gear, but only 5th for some reason.
I'm not going to lie, I've had my fair share of fun with this car. I've taken it to the track several times, drive like I'm running from cops sometimes and I drove it year round for several years, so it's seen better days. It's still a great car and I still love it, I think I'm just ready to move on from it. I have never put it on rollers to know what it makes for power, however, that may be happening this spring. I have no idea what power levels feel like for these cars but I do know that itís a pretty conservative tune since I was worried about be able to drive it daily. I'm sure there's more to squeeze out of it and may turn it up a bit when it hits the dyno. Thanks for looking.